Competing sexual-asexual generic names of Peziomycetes and recommendations for use


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Following the change that eliminated dual naming of sexual and asexual morphs of fungi, generic names of Pezizomycetes have been evaluated to determine which of the competing names should be recommended for use. Evaluation is based on congruence of type species to determine if the names are congeneric and which name is most commonly cited as well as priority. In the Pezizomycetes six pairs of generic names were determined to compete. In all cases the older name, representing the sexual morph, is recommended for use, specifically Caloscypha rather than GeniculodendronDesmazierella rather than VerticicladiumMiladina rather than ActinosporellaMorchella rather than CostantinellaSarcoscypha rather than Molliardiomyces, and Trichophaea rather than Dichobotrys.

Last updated on 04/25/2019