Geopora ahmadii sp. nov. from Pakistan


Saba, M., et al., 2019. Geopora ahmadii sp. nov. from Pakistan. Mycotaxon , 134 (2) , pp. 377-389.


A new species, Geopora ahmadii, is described and illustrated based on material from Punjab, Pakistan. This species is characterized by sessile, cup- to saucer-shaped, partly immersed apothecia with whitish to grayish hymenial surfaces; broad ellipsoid, mostly uniguttulate ascospores; and brown excipular hairs. Phylogenetic analyses of the nrDNA ITS region with maximum parsimony, maximum likelihood, and Bayesian inference methods reveal that G. ahmadii is distinct from other described Geopora species. A collection previously identified as Geopora arenosa from Rawalakot, Pakistan, likely represents a second locality of G. ahmadii.

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Last updated on 02/27/2020