Rickiella edulis and its phylogenetic relationships within Sarcoscyphaceae


Romero, A.I., LoBuglio, K.F. & Pfister, D.H., 2012. Rickiella edulis and its phylogenetic relationships within Sarcoscyphaceae. Kurtziana , (37) , pp. 79-89.
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Rickiella edulis is reported from Argentina for the rst time and is documented with photographs of fresh specimens and molecular data. Previously the species was known as R. transiens (= Phillipsia transiens)and was reported from southern Brazil and Paraguay. Phylogenetic analyses based on SSU rDNA and LSU rDNA shows its placement in a monophyletic family, the Sarcoscyphaceae. The relationship ofRickiella, Phillipsia and Nanoscypha however could not be resolved from phylogenetic analyses of the ITS, SSU, and LSU rDNA sequences. The excipular tissue of Rickiella is shot through with regularly spaced channels and cavities. Because of this feature, the genus Rickiella is recognized as distinct from Phillipsia. Phillipsia and Nanoscypha are morphologically distinct but diversity within Phillipsiaremains a topic for further research. A new tribe in the Sarcoscyphaceae is proposed to accommodate the genus Wynnea.

Last updated on 04/26/2019