Scutellinia (Pezizales) in Korea, with a new species and eight new records


Choi, Y.J., et al., 2013. Scutellinia (Pezizales) in Korea, with a new species and eight new records. Nova Hedwigia , 97 , pp. 457-476.


Eleven species of the genus Scutellinia (Pyronemataceae, Pezizales) are recognized in Korea by analysis of macro- and micro-morphological characteristics, substrates and geographical distributions. Eight species are recorded new to Korea, namely, S. ahmadiopsis, S. badio-berbis, S. colensoi, S. jilinensis, S. nigrohirtula, S. olivascens, S. setosa and S. patagonica. Based on the exceptional length of marginal hairs and tuberculate ascospore wall ornamentation, two Korean specimens occurring on wood are described as a new species. Infraspecific morphological variations among collections within S. scutellata and S. patagonica were found. These are tentatively treated as species complexes. The highly questionable occurrence of S. setosa in Asia was confirmed. The importance of characteristics of paraphyses for species delimitation is highlighted. Descriptions and taxonomic notes of the recognized species of Scutellinia are provided with a taxonomic key, illustrations and photographs of these species from Korea.


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