Species of the common discomycete genus Bisporella reassigned to at least four genera


Bisporella as typically conceived is a genus of noticeable, bright yellow inoperculate discomycetes. This interpretation of the genus, however, is at odds with Bisporella pallescens, the current name of the type species of the genus; furthermore, the genus has been interpreted as including the unusual species Bisporella resinicola. By comparing morphological and molecular traits of species traditionally included in Bisporella, we show that the genus is polyphyletic, with many “typical” members of the genus belonging instead in Calycina in Pezizellaceae. Bisporella pallescens is conclusively linked with its asexual morph, Bispora antennata, and the genus Bisporella is abandoned as a later synonym of the monotypic genus Bispora (previously applied only to asexual fungi) and placed as sister to Hymenoscyphus in Helotiaceae. Bisporella resinicola is shown to represent an independent monotypic genus, Eustilbum, which so far is placed incertae sedis in Helotiales. Finally, “Bisporella” subpallida, like Bispora, belongs to Helotiaceae but is instead related to “Phaeohelotium” epiphyllum.

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Last updated on 07/20/2022