Species of Peziza s. str. on water-soaked wood with special reference to a new species, P. nordica, from central Norway

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Peziza oliviae, P. lohjaoensis, P. montirivicola and a new species from Norway form a well-supported clade within the Peziza s. str. group based on study of the internal transcribed spacer + 5.8S rRNA gene, large subunit rRNA gene and the 6–7 region of the DNA-dependent RNA polymerase II gene. Like P. oliviae and P. montirivicola, the new species, P. nordica, is distinctly stipi­tate and occurs on wood that has been inundated by fresh water. These species also have paraphyses with yellow vacuolar inclu­sions. They fruit early in the season or at high elevations and are presumed to be saprobic. A discussion of application of the name Peziza is given.

Last updated on 04/25/2019