Two Arthrobotrys Anamorphs from Orbilia-Auricolor


Pfister, D.H. & Liftik, M.E., 1995. Two Arthrobotrys Anamorphs from Orbilia-Auricolor. Mycologia , 87 , pp. 684-688.

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Cultures derived from ascospores of two collections both referable to Orbilia auricolor produced anamorphs which were assigned to Arthrobotrys cladodes var. macroides and A. oligospora var. oligospora. These morphologically distinct isolates formed nematode-capturing hyphal networks when nematodes were present. Descriptions of the Arthrobotrys isolates are given. At least one other nematophagous hyphomycete is connected with a teleomorph that can be referred to O. auricolor suggesting that O. auricolor is not a single entity but a species complex.


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