A note on some morphological features of Chorioactis geaster (Pezizales, Ascomycota)


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A study of Chorioactis geaster (Sarcosomataceae) has shown the presence of several unreported or unconfirmed characters for this unusual and rare operculate discomycete. The ascospores are ornamented, they mature more or less simultaneously in all asci of a single ascoma, and asci have a thin hyphal base. The species is compared with species of the genera Cookeina and Microstoma (Sarcoscyphaceae) that also have this character. SEM shows open asci have a two-layered opercular region confirming TEM reports of differentiated wall layering in this region of the ascus. These features are discussed and the isolated systematic position of Chorioactis suggested by previous studies is confirmed.


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Last updated on 04/26/2019